Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach in 4D

Spectacular 4D show in Great Yarmouth

Recently Television and Film have seen 3D viewing explode in popularity. All of the latest blockbusters and tv shows are now available in 3D. Yet Yarmouth Pleasure Beach have gone one step further this spring, with the opening of their new 4D shows.

Theme parks all over the world from Alton Towers to Disney MGM host 4D shows, but now the seaside town of Great Yarmouth has jumped into the mix.

Dracula 4D and ‘Curse of Skull Rock’ are two films that will be showing at the Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach.

The 4th dimension brings even more to the table than 3D, bringing the viewer into the action with interactive action. Moving seats, leg ticklers, bubbles and smells are just part of the show.

The Pleasure Beach at Great Yarmouth has been running since 1909. Its oldest and most popular attraction is its Rollercoaster, first built in 1932, which is still running today.

There are funfair games, arcades, dodgems and haunted houses to provide endless fun for all the family.

The Pleasure Beach is one of Great Yarmouth’s best attractions, and with futuristic 4D, looks to stay that way for the foreseeable future.

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