Yarmouth Care Homes Win Top Awards

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The phrase ‘care home’ can inspire some pretty terrifying thoughts of loneliness and isolation in people’s minds. Residents of Great Yarmouth need not worry, though, because two of the town’s nursing homes have recently been awarded some very prestigious prizes for their treatment of elderly patients.

The staff of Avery Lodge Residential Home, located on Southtown Road, were nominated in three categories and won the Excellence Through Learning and Development Award for their work dealing with elderly residents aged 65 and over, some with mental illnesses. Though the Home is quite small, it has always prided itself on providing its patients with the absolute gold-standard of care, and it now looks set to become an I Care ambassador, developing home-based academic progress and promoting social care work among adults. It already ranks itself well among high quality care homes in Great Yarmouth, and seems to be undergoing a spate of continuous growth.

The awards ceremony, which occurred at Dunston Hall in Norwich, was attended by over 300 people and was partly sponsored by Norwich based company Archant. Additionally, funding was provided by Norfolk County Council, Norfolk and Suffolk Dementia Alliance, Norfolk Independent Care and English Community Care Association, HealthCare Homes, and N-Able. Designed to recognise high standards of care and health services, the ceremony gathered different care services together from across the region.

Another lauded winner was Eversley Nursing Home, also based in Great Yarmouth, and situated just off of North Denes Road. They were awarded the Effective Coordination of End of Life Care Award, an accolade which they feel has been due to their consistency in treating patients with respect and dignity. The home also permits patients a role in running affairs at the centre, and they have not long since been the recipient of another prize, the Gold Standard Award for their end of life treatment of patients.

It’s a pattern of success that looks set to be replicated in future, though, with each care home having pledged to take their centres from strength to strength to ensure that no one in Great Yarmouth goes without anything short of the highest levels of care towards their golden years.

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