Three Free Things To Do in Great Yarmouth

Great Yarmouth is a brilliant place to go for a good old classic day at the sea side.

Your day in Great Yarmouth doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Sure, there are plenty of things to pay for, but for a free day out Great Yarmouth still has loads to offer.

1. Great Walks in Great Yarmouth

There is miles of beach, pier and seafront to explore in Great Yarmouth. Take a long romantic walk along the shoreline, or down the 700 ft Britannia Pier.

Walking along the seafront, you’ll see all number of interesting things going on. You may see a classic car group meeting on the front or screaming visitors of Joyland or the PleasureBeach. A Great Yarmouth classic is walking past the log flume to watch unsuspecting tourists soaked when the ride splashes down, soaking the nearby pathways. Try and catch someone out!




2. Build a sandcastle

Great Yarmouth has a lot of beach on offer, so rekindle those architectural skills and get out the bucket and spade.

You can attempt a group effort on a gigantic castle or compete for the tallest structure. The old classic of digging under your castle and meeting in the middle with a fellow digger cannot be beaten.

Or for the ambitious builder go for that castle with working moat. Remember to dig deep otherwise that water will never stay. There is a fine line between building your castle too far from your water source to building it in the way of a destructive wave!

3. Get in the Sea!

It may look a bit cold at this time of year, but as our English summer heats up you can’t beat a splash in the sea. Bring your lilos, doughnuts or bat and balls and bring them to life in the water. Maybe just forget the toys and splash someone you like (or don’t like for that matter).

Having a long swim may even be a great way to burn off those fish and chips for lunch!

Whatever you choose to do, Great Yarmouth is a brilliant place to go for a day or holiday break!

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