The Great history of Great Yarmouth

Great Yarmouth has deep roots in its history, and remains as a popular holiday destination for thousands of people every year.

Over the years it has transformed with ports to pleasure beaches, yet Great Yarmouth remains great, sticking to its guns, as a classic seaside town.

Great Yarmouth goes far back in the history books, being mentioned in the charter of King John in 1208.

The town itself lies close to a Roman Fort camp near the river Yare. Its maritime history lives on today with a busy port and ferry running between Yarmouth and Gorleston. Since 1802 the town has also had a lifeboat station.

In more recent history Great Yarmouth suffered at the hands of both World Wars. In WW1 the town was victim to the first aerial bombing in the UK. Zeppelin L3 hit the town on the 19th January 1915.

Great Yarmouth even set the stage for a naval battle. On the 15th August 1915, Officer Ernest Jehan managed to sink a German U Boat off the coast of Great Yarmouth. His actions led to a British Q ship firing its heavy weapons and sinking a U boat as a result.

In WW2 the seaside town was the last area to be bombed in the United Kingdom, by the German Luftwaffe.

Yet today entertainment is at the heart of Great Yarmouth. Its Britannia pier has hosting big names acts over the years from Jim Davidson to the Chuckle Brothers.

Its second pier, the Wellington, neighbours the Winter Gardens. This grade 2 listed building is an interesting focal point of Yarmouth and has been transformed several times from a ballroom and roller skating rink to a beer garden and nightclub.

Other entertainment includes the ‘golden mile’ of arcades, crazy golf and funfairs.

Over the years Great Yarmouth has been home to world famous residents. Charles Dickens stayed at The Royal Hotel on the marine parade while writing ’David Copperfield’. Even Admiral Horatio Nelson is a famous guest!

Today Yarmouth continues to be the heart of the Norfolk coast. With endless hotels and entertainment, it serves as a brilliant place to visit and holiday in.

Yarmouth has a rich and vibrant history and continues that to this very day, as a classic on the coast.

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