The End of Punch and Judy? Oh No It’s Not!

Punch and Judy shows are an inextricable part of Britain’s seaside holiday heritage, and are just as popular with kids as they were when they first appeared 350 years ago. Now TV channel Gold are celebrating the anniversary by giving the traditional Punch and Judy show a twist.

The Punch and Judy Rebooted UK beachtour arrives in Great Yarmouth this Thursday 23rd August, with performances kicking off from 12pm to celebrate the 350th anniversary.

The show is a must-see for comedy fans, families and anyone keen for a laugh. To catch this once-in-a-lifetime performance, head down to Great Yarmouth’s Sea Life Centre on Marine Parade on Thursday 23rd August from 12pm.

Punch and Judy Rebooted has been designed to engage both parents and children alike and is set in a modern day Britain. It’s Punch the benefits cheat and Judy the wannabe WAG with new arch enemies Longa the Loan Shark and The EU Sausage Inspector and also ‘starring’ Prince Harry, Nick Clegg as ‘Cleggy the Clown’, Judge Simon Cowell and bumbling policeman Boris Johnson.

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