Smoking Hotels and B & Bs in Great Yarmouth

smoking hotel or B & B in Great Yarmouth

Some selected recommended smoking hotels and B & Bs in Great Yarmouth have been provided below.

Looking for a smoking hotel or B & B in Great Yarmouth? Have a read of our post! We know that smoking is not good for your health and is certainly less acceptable in most places after the Smoking Ban but do we not all agree that everyone has a right to do as they choose?This is why we’ve put together this short piece providing you with links to two hotels that allow smoking in some of their rooms.

The Lyndhurst Hotel is conveniently located between the Britannia Pier and the Hollywood Cinema. The beach is only two minutes away and each room is tastefully furnished with a colour TV and electronic safe and, of course, you’re free to smoke in each room if you choose, making this a wonderful value smoking hotel or B & B in Great Yarmouth.

Another wonderful guest house for smokers is the Fawlty Towers establishment. Friendly, family-run and excellent value, the Fawlty Towers guest house provides rooms equipped with Wi-Fi and sometimes Freeview as well being only 2 minutes away from the beach.

Bearing in mind that 95% of hotels and B & Bs in Great Yarmouth are entirely no-smoking, these hotels are excellent value for money and will be sure to provide you with a holiday stay that is pleasant, relaxing and peaceful.

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