Skate to Survive: Retroskate Petition tops 1,000

Over 1,000 people have signed a petition to save Retroskate in Yarmouth, one of the UK’s only remaining dedicated roller rinks.


The charge to save Retroskate was led by members of the rink’s artistic skating club, who along with their parents secured over 1,000 signatures and presented them to Graham Plant, the leader of Great Yarmouth Borough Council.

The Retroskate delegation was led by George and Grace McKean, aged 12 and 10 respectively, who were joined by their mum Mia, as well as by two double British Champions and a Cup of Europe competitor.

With Council rules requiring 900 signatures to trigger a full council debate, the Retroskate petition has been a success, at least as far as getting the issue discussed. In an interview with the EDP, Mrs McKean said: “For the club members it is devastating. To have a rink that you have exclusive access to has been really important and that is why the club is so successful. It is able to put on extra training sessions which could not be done if it were just using another venue.

“For the children it is not just about the artistic club, it is a very safe place for them to go. We have 48 national champion medals so it is obviously a thriving club.”

The success of the Retroskate artistic skating club certainly makes the decision to close the rink confusing. Council leader Graham Plant gave empty council coffers as the reason, telling the EDP: “The problem the council has is that it is cash-strapped and we have to make serious decisions about how we spend the money.”

If you’d like to show your support, the best way is to support the Retroskate rink by using it. Click here to visit the Retroskate website, where you can find opening times, club contact details and more.

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