Record Numbers Visit Great Yarmouth Website

This weekend saw a massive increase in visitor numbers to the Love Great Yarmouth Website

Record-Number-of-Visitors-Great-YarmouthWith the Summer holidays looming on the horizon it appears that the nations holidaymakers have been looking for places to go on holiday this year.

The Love Great Yarmouth website saw record numbers of visitors using the website to find out about Great Yarmouth to decide if they want to come on holiday to Great Yarmouth. They have then used the website to see what there is to do in great Yarmouth and then will have looked at places to stay in Great Yarmouth.

We hope that we can continue to increase awareness of Great Yarmouth as a UK holiday destination and hope that local business owners will like to join us in the promotion of Great Yarmouth. Hopefully we can generate lots of visitors to the town this Olympic summer.

If you would like to advertise on the Love Great Yarmouth visit the advertising page, if you have an event you would like listed on the Great Yarmouth events pages please get in touch.

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