Penguins Descend on Great Yarmouth

Great Yarmouth is now home to baby penguins, born at the Sea Life Centre.

You would expect seagulls, crows and maybe the odd robin or two, but as Great Yarmouth has its hottest weekend of the year, penguins are the last thing you expect to see.

Yet the cold weather birds are indeed multiplying in Great Yarmouth, as two chicks (Pitcher and Tilly) were born before the Easter Weekend.

It seems very symbolic at this time of year, as all the signs are there, Easter, Eggs and Rebirth so it should have come as no surprise, when parents Mumbles and Woody saw their eggs hatch.

The parents themselves were both born in captivity as well. Sea Life Centres in Scarborough and Weymouth reared the penguins, that today are looking after hatchlings of their own.

Penguin Keeper Christine Pitcher was delighted, as she told the Norwich Evening News, “Though they are still very young they have taken their parental duties very seriously,” said Christine. “Both have took turns at brooding the eggs, and Woody was especially conscientious about the whole business, even doing extra duties when mum Mumbles seemed to get a bit fed up.”

Great Yarmouth has tons to offer, and is a great seaside resort. And now, with a group of penguins there’s even more to see.

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