Great Yarmouth’s Great Bears Restored


Great Yarmouth’s gold bears have been a recognised symbol of the town for over 100 years. Recently their lustre has been restored thanks to the local business relocating them

People were saddened to see the loss of the Two Bears Hotel. While hotels come and go there was the worry that the iconic gold bears on top of the hotel would be lost, especially as the hotel would be replaced by a branch of Hughes Electrical who have been keen to move to a larger premises from their current location on Market Road.

However Hughes Electrical were quick to reassure local people that even though the hotel would be cleared to make way for the branch the bears would be preserved. Not only that but the gold bears would be repainted, restored and included in the design of the new store.

Munnings (the company in charge of demolishing the site) were careful to ensure that the bears were safely removed from the site, ensuring that they would not be lost when the hotel was torn down.

Currently there is no firm date on when the new branch will be opened, nor has there been firm details of exactly how the bears will be incorporated into the new store. However with the bears kept in place the company has assured people that two pieces of iconic sculpture won’t be lost, with Hughes showing an admirable desire to respect the past as well as offering a business presence in Yarmouth in the future.

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