Great Yarmouth- The Points of Interest

The Royal Hotel

There are a number of great places to visit in Great Yarmouth. But what are the must see places in the local area?

When people think of Great Yarmouth a few things come to mind- the Golden Mile with its range of arcades and casinos, rides at the Pleasure Beach theme park and of course the beach. However there are other points of interest in the town that are well worth exploring in the local area.

The pier is another well known part of Yarmouth- it has a regular season of shows and is well known for attracting some of the nation’s best loved acts and keeps up the tradition of fun and exciting shows that people associate with end of the pier shows.

However there are other places that can give you more of an idea of the local area and its history- the smokehouse not only gives you an insight into traditional trades in the local area but also offers a range of workshops so you can learn how it’s done too!

Of course a big part of Great Yarmouth’s history is tied with maritime industries. Therefore anyone wanting to know more should visit the Time and Tide Museum- tracing the history as far back as the Ice Age, talking through the colourful characters of its seafaring past and explaining how the area became a popular tourist resort. With a lot of positive reviews online this is an ideal place to visit if you want a break from bracing sea air.

If you fancy a bit of excitement then you may also want to take a trip out to Yarmouth Stadium. Home to greyhound racing and other events this stadium has been praised for its welcoming staff and enthralling atmosphere, with many people recommending it on review sites.

These are just a few examples of the fantastic places you can visit in Great Yarmouth, allowing you to enjoy all the traditional fun you’d associate with a seaside resort with a few interesting surprises on top.

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