Great Yarmouth Raking in Royal Profits

The Royal Wedding will be watched the world over and Great Yarmouth is ready!

The marriage between Prince William and Kate Middleton is set to be the event of the year. As with many huge events the amount of souvenirs and memorabilia runs into its thousands.

Great Yarmouth is known for its many shops selling all manner of souvenirs and trinkets for almost anything.

A recent survey by Bid TV found that one in five adults will purchase Royal Wedding Memorabilia, with an average spend of £17. With those figures the shops of Great Yarmouth are ready to take their share of a national spend that tops £163 million.

Yet the survey also found that the public will be choosing their souvenirs carefully, as a Bid Tv spokesperson commented,

“Our survey shows a large percentage of the nation is caught up in the excitement of the Royal Wedding later this month. But while millions plan to fork out and buy souvenirs to mark this special occasion, it seems they aren’t so keen to admit it to friends and family.”

“When you hear the word ‘souvenir’ the thought of tacky items, cluttering up shelves and collecting dusts in British homes spring to mind. And this might be enough to dissuade Brits from letting on to their pals about their purchases.”

“But a cleverly thought-out item could fetch a fair few pounds in years to come, so they shouldn’t be shunned – they just need to be chosen with care.”

So if your looking for a Royal Wedding Souvenir in Great Yarmouth take a look around and try to find a gem, it may just turn out to be more valuable than you thought.

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