Great Yarmouth Paramedic Cycle Unit Growing In Numbers

Four new paramedics are undergoing training with the aim of joining the Waveney Cycle Response Unit

The paramedic unit began in July 2010 and has received over a thousand call outs. The relatively new cycle unit has been hailed as a brilliant initiative for the Norfolk coast line. In the summer months Great Yarmouth is extremely busy and in the event of an emergency, getting an ambulance to the scene can be difficult and time consuming.

The Waveney cycle unit explain their service in a statement,

“We aim to provide rapid, high quality prehospital emergency care to the residents and visitors of Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft whilst improving local Ambulance Service response times, reducing wasted ambulance journeys and avoiding unnecessary hospital admissions.”

This innovation is a welcome addition to Norfolks NHS service and an added peace of mind for the thousands of people visiting Great Yarmouth every year.

Tim Hickey, head of the Waveney Cycle Response Unit told the BBC: “It’s surpassed our expectations, the bikes have both been really busy.”

Ambulance serviceman Darren Maguire added: “We’re always looking at ways of better improving our response to patients. In certain scenarios just getting to that patient a couple of minutes earlier may make the difference between life and death.”

Support the cause by taking a look at the cycle units Facebook Page.

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