Get On The Train to Great Yarmouth

Norfolk sees thousands of visitors come to the county every year, for a holiday you won’t find in many places.

Being on the coast Norfolk has a variety of holiday destination options. Whether your into a countryside getaway, a beach holiday or even a city break Norfolk has it all.

At the heart of Norfolk’s holiday scene is Great Yarmouth. The seaside town is the entertainment capital of Norfolk, with endless visitors taking in it’s large shopping centres, pier and entertainment shows, as well as it’s sprawling beach.

Yet even if your on your city break, in Norwich, Great Yarmouth and all it has to offer, is only 30 minutes away. In Norwich’s town centre is Norwich Train Station. With regular trains to Great Yarmouth it’s a great link between city and seaside.

And Great Yarmouth is not your only destination. The Norfolk coast has several small train stations and gives you the chance to access all of those quaint little towns, you may not discover if your driving around.

The train is a great way to see the country side, while relaxing getting from A to B. So if your in Norfolk this summer, take a trip down to the train station, get a timetable and see Norfolk from the tracks.

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