Agadoo in Great Yarmouth Market

Residents and visitors of Norfolk’s seaside resort Great Yarmouth came out in their hundreds on Saturday, in an attempt to break a world record.

Yet there was no weight lifting, juggling or sprinting of a hundred metres. The world record attempt had much more of a party atmosphere, as 375 participants turned out to dance to Black Lace’s anthem, Agadoo.

The world record attempt faces a three week wait, as to whether Guinness will acknowledge the mass group dance, yet Town Centre Manager Jonathan Newman told the Eastern Daily Press,

“People have been registering that they took part and that proof, together with photographs, will be sent to Guinness as evidence for it to be ratified. That is when we will get our official certificate.”

Great Yarmouth has always been known as the place to go for sea side fun in Norfolk. The towns latest attempt at record breaking shows it’s great attitude to entertainment. A previous attempt from Great Yarmouth saw hundreds of people gathered dressed as Where’s Wally, yet the current record unfortunately stayed intact.

You can check out a video of the event taking place below, and check out our What’s On page for everything else happening in Great Yarmouth.

Yet Agadoo may get Great Yarmouth in the record books and have them jumping to the left, to the right, pushing pineapples, grinding coffee and singing to a hula melody!

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