A New Look For Filby Broad

The popular local beauty spot of Filby Broad is being treated to a £46,000 makeover to help make it a year-round tourist attraction and improve wildlife habitats.

The work includes the clearing of a dyke to encourage fish to breed, as well as a new network of pathways which will help to guarantee access for disabled visitors.

Project manager Hannah Gray told the BBC: “We’ve got a really nice dyke here but it’s been unmanaged for the last 20 years. It was in desperate need of re-digging out because it had silted up, so we’ve had to bring some heavy machinery.”

The work is scheduled to be completed by Easter, and is taking place in the spring to avoid unnecessary disruption to local wildlife. Filby is one of a group of broads surrounding Yarmouth, and along with Ormesby and Rollesby, is part of the Trinity Broad.

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