A musical tribute to Gt Yarmouth

Singer-songwriter John Galea has released a new song with a video that showcases Gt Yarmouth at its greatest

There have been many songs about great places- New York, New York, Werewolves of London, Rotterdam and so forth.Indeed there have even been ones in the past about Great Yarmouth (the delightfully cheesy “Yarmouth Song”- listen here for its full glory!)

This new song by John Galea (Out on iTunes in July) showcases Great Yarmouth positively- the piano and soulful voice is stirring and it has a fine chorus to boot!

It also helps that the video is well shot, the angles giving the beach a presence (in much the same way as Joss Whedon made the Sainsburys Centre looked extra stylish in Avengers: Age of Ultron). It may not have had a Hollywood budget but the video takes a simple concept and gets the most from it.

To check the song out for yourself check the link below (and also other fine songs by John Galea such as the fantastic Ammunition)

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